Design Inspiration-The Most Beautiful Closet


Hello,Happy Monday.Hope you had a great weekend.remember the closet inspirations guest post  i did for Adam Alex Mommy ?though i love all the closets from the post,this one is the most beautiful closet ever.i came across this adorable closet via chic&posh. it's my dream closet and i'm sure every girl's.i just love it and i know you all gonna love it too :)


  1. what a beautiful closet - the shoes! Theres so many :o, lovely blog now following :-) Hope you follow back!
    much love

  2. Hey I just tagged you in a book tag, if you don't like participating in that sort of thing that's alright, forget I ever wrote this if you want to take to questionnaire head over to my blog:

    On a side note:
    This closet is RAD. I mean serious I don't want it, I need it, very badly, my closet it pathetic and really the top of my thrice painted dresser always holds two surfboards.
    Everybody should just be born rich.

  3. these are great, j! i love the shoe collection... to die for!

    hope you're well. :)

    happy valentine's day!



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