Loving The Neutrals

Happy Monday Everyone.Hope you had a great weekend.I'm Kind of obsessed with the Neutrals lately.My closet is filled with the neutral colors.These are the latest addition to my neutral collection.



Pastel Interiors

I guess My love for pastels never fades.Adding a bit of pastels to your interiors is always a good idea.I have stumbled on these brilliant pastel inspired interiors and couldn't wait to share. aren't they adorable??I wish i could turn my place like these.



Weekend Haul


Hi,Hope you had a great weekend.Mine was routine with a bit shopping ,cleaning the house and doing the laundry.Well let's talk about the exciting part.I bought these cute babies home this weekend and couldn't wait to share them with you all.

I absolutely love that pink sweater and those cute shoes.Can't wait to try them on.Well this was a sneak peek at my weekend.What did you do this weekend??


Blog Design-A La Mode Wearhouse

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Happy Thursday Guys.I just wanted to share the blog design that i have completed for A La Mode Weaarhouse recently.Francisca of A La Mode Wearhouse is a fashion blogger from England.she wanted the design to be simple and elegant.So we decided to go with the black and white theme.(what could me more simple and elegant than black and white combination??).So here is a peek at the design.

You can check A La Mode Wearhouse for the complete design.And if you are looking for a blog makeover i'm happy to help you.you can check the design packaged here.


Hair Care Routine


Hello Everyone.Hope you are having a great week.I'm always curious to know about haircare and beauty routine of bloggers and vloggers.(kind of obsessed lately).So i thought i should do a post about my haircare routine.As i said in earlier posts i don't really use too many products.I kind of believe in using less products keeps your hair healthy and away from all the chemicals.


So here is list of the haircare products i use

-Schwarzkopf  smooth shine shampoo and conditioner.
-L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Oil Replacement.
-Livon Hair Serum(Leave in Conditioner).
-Tresemme Heat Defence Spray(This one is my favorite from the list).
-L'oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray.

What are your favorite hair products??If you had done any hair care routine posts leave the link in comment box.would love to read them.Have a great day.



Happy Monday.Hope you had a great weekend.Mine was pretty good.Here is a peek into my weekend.
1.Completely in love with that beige wallet i bought this weekend.
2.that cardigan i bought for new year is my current favorite.
3.My hair care routine(.i don't really use many products,these are my favorites.)
4.got this ipod.(on my wishlist from a very longtime.)
5.love that pink notebook.of course who doesn't love pink??
6.I wore this floral outfit for the weekend.
You can check more pictures on my instagram.I would love to check out your insta feed too.
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