Happy Monday.Hope you had a great weekend.Mine was pretty good.Here is a peek into my weekend.
1.Completely in love with that beige wallet i bought this weekend.
2.that cardigan i bought for new year is my current favorite.
3.My hair care routine(.i don't really use many products,these are my favorites.)
4.got this ipod.(on my wishlist from a very longtime.)
5.love that pink notebook.of course who doesn't love pink??
6.I wore this floral outfit for the weekend.
You can check more pictures on my instagram.I would love to check out your insta feed too.


Valentine's Day Treats

Happy Thursday everyone.Hope you  had a great Valentine's weekend.This Valentine's day
too has been special for me like every year...loads of surprises and loads of fun.
Had a great time with the family and friends.and thought i would share some bits  from the weekend.

1.That's the dress for the Valentine's day.That red lipstick is the 
first bright color in my lipstick collection.I normally use
 light and nude shades all the time.I bought this red one just try something different and am really loving it.

2.That iPad is a gift from my husband.I was planning to buy one from long time and Voila!
I love Valentine's day.I'm busy going through it and downloading all the apps :)
I hope you all had a great weekend too.


DIY-Net Bag

Did i ever mention that i'm obsessed with handbags.They take over major part of my closet.Though i don't use old ones on regular basis ,i can not resist buying new ones.and here is another one that i'm obsessed  with lately,I found this cute DIY net bag on Honestly..WTF blog and fell in love with instantly.If you love diy bags,you should definitely try this one.Head over here for complete DIY.


My Style

Hello Everyone.Hope you had a great weekend.When ever i come across some stunning outfit posts from fellow bloggers i always think one day i should do something like that.Well i guess i am not actually ready for that yet but someday will definitely do (hopefully soon)but then i thought i can always give you a peek at my outfit i wore this weekend.Those peach pants are my favorite from my closet.i bought them long time back from Forever21 and the whit sequin top and  the shades from here.


My Winter Essentials

Winter is the only time i  think about skin care products .So i thought i would share my winter care favorites with you.of course i don't have a long list or high end products to mention.they all are from drug store.I normally don't do much research about what kind of stuff works well or which brand i should buy.If it smells good or looks good (yeah kinda weird but true) that's enough for me to buy it and i guess all the brands contain same ingredients with different names.So here is my winter care routine ..

1.Cashmere Glow body lotion from Bath&BodyWorks
2.Maybelline Babylips.
3.Raspberry Lip Butter from Labello.
4.Strawberry Lip Balm from Labello.
5.I love Vanilla & ice cream hand lotion(in love with this).
6.and everyone's favorite Petroleum Jelly


Winter Wishlist

I'm sure jackets are everyone's favorite in winter.I'm a huge fan of coats and cardigans.You can see me wearing a cardigan almost all the time.This winter i would love to see these stunning outerwear in my wardrobe.especially the black and white zipped jacket from ZARA is love at first sight for me.I simple adore that one.The long coats from Mango and Forever21 are next in the list.Which one is your favourite?if you have a winter wishlist share the link below,i would love to go through them.

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